Pubs popularity as eating venues increases


A recent report published in the trade press (PMA) stated that pubs took £7.5bn in food sales in the last 12 months making them almost twice as popular as restaurants for eating out.

Some companies still prefer to use restaurant gift vouchers as staff rewards or customer incentives despite the fact that those employees or customers are twice as likely to eat out in pubs. The food offer in pubs has changed beyond all recognition in the last 20 years and there is such a wide variety of food styles available. We have a number of Michelin star chefs running pubs in 2013.  

Why would some corporate buyers prefer vouchers for a chain of pizza restaurants? It can’t be the alcohol thing as restaurants sell booze as well (although it is often more expensive and they seldom sell decent beer). I think some buyers of reward/incentive gift vouchers need to challenge their own perceptions; there is nothing very worthy about fuelling the expansion of Italian restaurant chains whilst good pubs are closing. These are Dom’s views and do not reflect the views of Pub Tokens Limited